Properly stretching the table felt and using exact leveling techniques takes experience and skill, and no two scenarios are ever the same. Brett has 12 jobs a week for 14 straight years under his belt and he can tell you directly every table is a little different. Our 14 years of experience has resulted in our prompt adaptability, refined techniques, and ABSOLUTELY precise results.

Professional Pool Table Assembly is in the Details!

That’s why we offer you a one year installation guarantee on every table. Whether we are using new felt or your previously installed felt, we offer a one year guarantee that there will be NO wrinkles on the playing surface, in the pockets, or on your rails with regular pool table use. We also guarantee that your table will remain completely level as long as you don’t stand on, sit on, or try to move the table from it’s original installation location. Moving your table can not only completely undo the levelness, but it can create what’s called a slate ridge.

What is a slate ridge? A slate ridge is what happens when a 3 piece slate pool table is stood or sat on, or moved from it’s original installation location. When we install your pool table we use genuine bees wax to seal the seams between each piece of slate. This creates a glass-like surface over the seams ensuring you will feel no transition whatsoever between the two pieces. Any movement of the slates can break this seam and the wax will be pushed up, creating a slate ridge. This can be very easily detected through your felt and affect your game play.

Why not use candle wax? Candle wax is fragile and shatters easily. Beeswax doesn’t have this characteristic.

Why not use something harder, like Durham’s Rock Putty? Using bees wax is extremely efficient because of it’s texture. When using something harder, like rock putty, you risk it cracking during game play. During game play sometimes the ball can jump and land directly on the seam. If it’s filled with rock putty, the rock putty can crack very easily, causing a huge mess that takes a lot more to fix than you would imagine.

You can see here that we take our wax seams out a little wider than most installers, ensuring a smooth transition and playing surface. Notice the darker areas in the middle of the waxed seam are from previous installation.


Seam number 2. Again with wider bees wax seam than previous installer. Notice the darker areas in the middle of the waxed seam are from previous installation.

“First-time pool table installations require special care to prolong the life of the table”

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By Melissa Buchanan